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Let's clarify.

I always looked at this forum as a way to share lives and be open and have this sort of community aspect that sometimes we lack in the physical. For a few years it was cool. A lot of you guys would comment ( I seriously do not expect 20 comments for each journal) and it would be a give and take relationship. But in the last few months I have seen it go more towards a take take take relationship. I comment to a lot of you, and I recieve nothing back. Or very little. The last straw was when I made a rather upsetting post about my little brothers health and two people commented on it. I was really kind of annoyed by it. I have seen entries on that same day or days afterwards and I look at it and go why should I reply to you when you don't reply to me?

It makes me not like livejournal and question why I keep on with it. I have my blog which I feel more comfortable with because there is no expectation of people to respond. I don't write an entry then wonder why when I have replied to someone's that they don't reply to mine. So I clipped my list to a few that keep up with me. And I did a mass facebook clip to, to keep it just friends and family. I am sorry Tiff, but I did accidentally clip you there. I am sorry you are offended that I clipped you from here. But I get offended when people don't take notice of someone being upset when they are supposedly "close". I am not pointing at just one person but in general. Maybe I don't write about happy shiny things all the time, so maybe my entries are boring.

But anyways, that is all I am going to say on that subject. I have screened comments so that if you feel like saying something you can without everyone watching.

My blog is www.KristenTriesToKnit.com I'll make a feed for it here, so if you want to follow you can. But there is no pressure. that is why I like my blog, because when I update it there is no expectation of a group of people I want to respond having to respond. I just put it out there to put it out there. Plus because I do not lock it, I have to censor myself more and I kind of like that.

9 june 2009

Leaving lj for good.

I am going to just keep my account so I can keep up with a few of you here, but I will not be posting anymore. If you want to get in touch with me, you know how.


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